Marine Audio & Electronics

The isolation from the world, the beautiful landscape, and the sound of the lapping
waves against the hull are great for clearing your mind.

Marine Audio

Relaxing on the water is a perfect place to listen to music, but why settle for a factory system? With our marine audio electronics and professional installation, you get all the quality of a top-notch car audio system. Standard speakers are often made with paper and cannot withstand contact with water. We carry cutting-edge marine audio systems that are designed specifically for marine use. You can sit back and relax to your favorite music with high-quality sound.

Whether you're looking to start a party on the water or just relax and catch some rays, our high-performance marine audio systems are perfect for all occasions. We can outfit nearly any watercraft from ski boats, speed boats, fishing boats, house boats, yachts, pleasure cruisers, pontoons, and more.

Our high-performance audio speakers and equipment are the perfect solution for your marine audio needs, whatever your boating preference. Come browse our selection of high-quality reliable marine stereo equipment today.

Marine Lighting

Stop worrying about sunset with our great selection of marine lighting. Useful for nearly any application like cabin lighting, night time fishing, underwater lights, safety lights, work lights, and more, our LED lights are the perfect solution for your marine lighting needs. LED lights are more durable and consume less power than standard lighting options bringing you longer life and less battery drain. And who can deny they look great cosmetically?

With our wide range of marine lighting solutions, you no longer have to let the sun dictate the end of your fun.

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We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our labor & offer the best products in the marketplace to ensure a long lasting aftermarket upgrade in your vehicle.