Vehicle Radar Protection

Escort Radar & K40 Radar Systems are available at Audio Expert in Clearwater, FL for purchase & installation.
We are the leader in high-performance radar systems & laser diffuser systems here in Clearwater, FL.

Factory Integration

Traditional radar detection products can attract the attention of police and may increase the possibility of theft if left in the open. With our factory integration this is a problem of the past. Plugs, wires, and suction cup mounts no longer necessary. Our systems are invisible and you can maintain a clean sleek looking interior without the additional gadgets and wires.

Going over the speed limit can happen unintentionally, especially since newer vehicles reduce the feeling of speed. And who doesn't want to know when there are speed traps ahead? It's always good to know when you are under the radar, and our advanced systems notify you ahead of time. Some solutions are integrated right into the dash near the speedometer.

Stealth Mounting

Go incognito with a custom transflective (2-Way) mirror that preserves the functionality of the auto dimming and manual flip dimmer switch features. All without the need to create unsightly patters in your mirror.

Our Premium Brands we offer

Factory certified & trained for the following brands.

The highest standard of installation & service

Our trained staff provides the best installation & service in the the Clearwater, FL area.

Customer Service

Our customers are our number one priority. We do this through constant communication, honesty & taking pride in our work.

Local Facility

We are conveniently located in Clearwater, FL to answer any questions you may have before & after your purchase.

Professional Installation

Over 20yrs of professional installation on thousands of vehicles & continued training sets us apart from the competition.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our labor & a few select products to ensure the best experience for many years down the road.